Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trend Tuesday-AMAZING Brows

Attention brides (and all ladies)!  This is one blog post that you don't want to ignore!  I am about to reveal one of the most essential tips in bridal beauty.  Did you know that 80% of your facial expression comes from your eye brows?!  That means, that the brows are a prominent part of achieving the perfect makeup look.  What make a respectable brow shape?  Your brows should frame your eyes with either a slight arch or a more defined arch right above the center of your pupil.  

Often women ask me how to make their eyes seem larger.  One way is by cleaning up any stray hairs that lie beneath the expected brow line.  This will instantly create a lifted eye area, hence making the eye appear more open.  I also love teaching women how to fill in their brows with either a pencil or powder.  Many times, hair will not grow due to over-tweezing.  The most natural looking way to fill in the brow is with a soft powder that matches your hair and a short angled brush.

Brows, like hair, makeup, and nails, have also followed some trends.  There were the really thick, straight brows of Audry Hepburn and the really thin, highly curved brows of Marlene Deitrich.  Then, of course the infamous arched brows of Marilyn Monroe.  Right now, I would say slightly fuller brows are in.

You should get your initial brow consultation with a specialist at least 6 months prior to your wedding.  This leaves ample time to re-shape and grow-in hair where needed.  After that, plan on a regular visit every 4-6 weeks for clean-ups.  Your last visit should be a least 1 week before the big day to ensure that any redness goes away.

I am so thrilled to offer my new brow shaping service to all of my clients at the Beauty Library in Clinton, CT.  I use a very gentle wax that is good for even the most sensitive skin and then tweeze to perfection.  I even include a relaxing eye and temple massage! Initial shaping costs $20 and clean-ups are $15.  Brides can take advantage of a special package discount when they book their wedding with me!  

Brow shaping is by appointment.  (917)-573-8100.  

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