Friday, June 26, 2009

Fragrance Friday--Elements of Desire at Homeward Bound

Earlier today I was on my way to Savvy Tea in Madison, CT when I stumbled upon the most amazing discovery!  Homeward Bound is a retail store that features a mix of organic furniture and modern furniture, home accessories, clothing, creative art and original gifts.  From the moment I entered the space, which has a serious "WOW" factor, I was on sensory overload.  I was in such delight, I didn't know where to turn first.  Everything is so beautifully displayed!  Then, I was greeted by a charming lady named Jessica.  We instantly got chatting about the new store and she showed me a few  items that I was interested in.  I later learned that the owners, Kathy Wash and her husband, Trip have three other store locations.  Kathy was a fashion buyer for Bloomingdale's, Bendel's and Barney's and eventually the senior buyer for ABC Carpet and Home.  She describes her style as "whimsical".  

I really loved how there was such an eclectic mix of new and old, modern and with antiques.  It was such a fun visit and of course, I couldn't help but notice the emphasis on the organic, environmentally friendly philosophy as well.  

On my way out the door, with my new dress and stationary in tow, I happen to notice just a FEW MORE interesting items.  A collection of natural perfumes, called Creative Universe by Beth Terry.  One spritz and I was like, "oh yeah"  this is nice!  It is the perfect scent for summer time.  The one I enjoyed the most is called Elements of Desire which has snowdrop flower, dimbula tea and peony blossoms in it- fresh, floral and just darn pretty!  $68.00 4.3 oz

The next time you are looking for that perfect gift, or want to buy something for your home, or to wear out,  I would really suggest checking out this lovely store!  I know I'll be back.  I have entire wish list already written out!  


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