Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Photo Shoot with Carla Ten Eyck

A few weeks ago, hair designer Kelly Sharkey and I participated in a bridal photo shoot with Carla Ten Eyck, who aside from being a great photographer, is a really cool gal with tons of energy and a vivacious spirit! It was so much fun to watch her in action! Carla teaches a class every Tuesday for inspiring photographers who want to learn the tricks of the trade from one of the best. To make things a little more interesting, the shoot happened to be scheduled on a Tuesday. So, with her apprentices by her side, Carla got busy teaching and capturing some really cool shots!

We all met at the New Haven Lawn Club. May I just say, who knew?! This venue is under rated because the rooms and grounds are SO beautiful! Seeing it made me want to have my wedding all over again just to book this spectacular place!

That was just the beginning. Next enters Beth Chapman from the White Dress by the shore with some of the most current styles in bridal fashion! Seriously, every dress she had with her-beautiful and modern. She has a keen sense of style and understands what brides and bridesmaids are looking for. She was also excited to show off some items from her brand new accessory collection! I am in love with the head bands!

Then, along comes Tony. Tony owns Dantura: A Modern Garden. He is super creative and his work is, hands down, original. He makes shawls and hand bags out of flowers! Yes, really! So together, we played, styled, shot and laughed. A successful collaboration that I am proud to have been a part of!

Hope you'll enjoy some of these pictures from Carla!


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