Monday, June 1, 2009

Trend Tuesday- All things FRENCH

I heart all things french! I mean, I love cheese, croissants, wine, lattes, ruffles, hats, perfume, anything chanel, elle magazine, le vie en rose, but the thing that I admire most about french style is the confidence that french women hold.
CHIC french women don't wear makeup. At least they pretend not to. I love that! Their goal is to have flawless, glowing skin. French women believe that too much makeup makes a woman seem older. I have to agree. My personal makeup style is quite "au natural" just for that reason. Don't get me wrong, I love makeup and know how it can make a difference but I think many of us "over do it", we end up looking "too done" and well, that just stinks of effort. Looking effortlessly beautiful is what French woman have mastered. They know how to respect the brow line, they don't obsess about eternal youth, they eat more chocolate (really, it doesn't make you break out!!) ,and they just have that "je ne sais quoi".
The focus for most french women is skin care. They know how important it is to take care of your skin and they don't think twice about spa treatments. Facials and other spa treatments aren't a luxury, they are a necessity! We have it all wrong.

French Elle launched an issue of the magazine recently with the cover models sans makeup! Bold move and very inspiring ( if you have good lighting and a pro photographer)! I know it's not so easy to go bare-faced if you are not blessed with a perfect complexion and great bone structure but I really thought the message was profound. It's about confidence, grace, elegance, passion, femininity. Being comfortable in your own skin or as the French say, "Bien dans sa peau". We have to take the time make ourselves feel good, find balance, create mystery, embrace our uniqueness, live with confidence in who we are! When we feel good, we look good. It's a fact.

For more french-style inspiration, check out this amazing blog:

"The most beautiful makeup for women is passion but cosmetics are cheaper to buy"

Yves Saint Laurent


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