Friday, May 29, 2009

Fragrance Friday- Anthousa Home Ambiance

Every Friday I head out to buy some fresh flowers and some times a new candle for The Beauty Library and my home! I love the smell and look of fresh flowers! For a change, I decided to also buy a new home ambiance perfume by Anthousa!

Inspired by it's name, meaning, "the perfect bloom", Anthousa perfumes are a collection of home scents that have been uniquely created to add fragrance and beauty to any living environment and they make the most perfect hostess gift!

Anthousa has a collection of many different scents but my favorite is the Fig Leaf and Bitter Almond--a delicate, sweet-green, herbaceous woody blend is intermingled with notes of cedar wood, vitivert and moss. A fresh fig quotation is blended with clean sweet bitter almond! Just Delightful!

Each beautiful vase comes with bamboo reeds and lasts for 3 months! You can reverse the sticks to refreshen the scent! Available at Beauty Habit. $78

Happy Friday!


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