Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fragrance Friday

One of my obsessions, besides shoes, is perfume and candles. From my earlier days in retail cosmetics, I relished any chance I had to get fragrance as gratis. Now that I have to buy it myself, I don't change my scent quite as often but I still feel there is nothing more special then buying or receiving a new bottle of perfume or a candle. Scents create a mood. A smell can bring you right back to specific time or memory. When I smell a certain perfume, I might think of a girlfriend growing up or visits with my grandmother.

One of my most favorite perfumes of all time is Spring Flowers by CREED. Creed, based in Paris, is today led by Oliver Creed, sixth generation master perfumer. I don't usually like smells that are too floral but this one has just the right mix of fruit, floral and musk. You only need one spritz to last all day.

Spring Flowers was created in the mid-eighties for Audry Hepburn and released to the public three years after her death in 1996.

Fragrant notes: Peach, Apricot, Apple, Melon, Rose, Jasmine and Musk

$115 for 1.0oz at Neiman Marcus

Enjoy a festive hymn to Spring and Femininity!

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