Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TREND Tuesday- Curls!

Why fight it? Summer is officially here and even though the sun is not shining (YET!), the humidity is high! This season, let your strands get some rest from all the heat.

I'm definitely known for getting blow-outs on a pretty regular basis and I use a flat iron for touch ups during the week. So, come summer time, I try to give my hair a break and go natural by letting my curls come out to play.

Enjoying my curls is another story. Usually, I end up with a pony tail or bun by about mid-day. Although, I always love that messy, beach tousled wavy look on other people. I am constantly on the hunt for products that will tame my curls and give me that care-free do. I recently discovered BLOW BEACH BLOW, a texturizing mist that keeps curls soft and frizz-free!


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