Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beauty Tip Tuesday: Eye Catching Royal Blue Eyes

Don't be nervous when you hear blue eye liner is making a come back...Fashion and beauty trends are very inspired by 70's right now! There are many ways to make subtle hints of royal blue compliment all eyes and truly make them sparkle!  "Midnight" by Jennie Fresa (available at the Beauty Library) is a gel based liner that is easy to manipulate and the perfect color to use for creating a sultry look!  We also like to smudge a bit of "Indigo" shadow ( a purplish-blue shade that we absolutely LOVE!) right one top of the gel to make the look softer.


To recreate Emma Stone's look:  line the bottom lash line ( starting on the outside corner of the eye) softening the color as you get closer to the tear duct. Continue the same on the top. The key word to this look is a thin line.   Try a pointed makeup brush or brush 11 by Trish McEvoy!
What's so great about gel liner is that if you mess up, you don't have to worry! Just go over the line you just created with a brush or q-tip and smudge the liner to make it look smokey! To avoid closing the eye in, keep the all-over eye shadow light and apply two coats of mascara. 
Emma's subdued peach gloss looks perfect with her sexy, dramatic eye!  


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