Thursday, July 7, 2011

Guest Blogger Thursday: Tracee Dolan

Happy Summer Beauties,

I am pleased as punch to announce a new project I am working on. It is
almost complete & has become apparent to me that it is time to share &
spread the word about my latest yoga project. I purchased a 71 person
school bus a few months ago and most recently painted it purple & took
out all of the seats, re: gutted it to create (maybe you've guessed it
by now) a yoga studio on wheels. The Yoga School Bus is it's name and
it is my mission to bring yoga to underserved areas, bday parties,
corporate events, festivals, maybe even to a cul de sac where
neighbors can rally a weekly yoga night away from the kiddies. It will
be my pleasure to deliver my little yoga studio on wheels to anywhere
that it may park. The studio will be private (windows covered in rice
paper) safe & comfortable. All of the comforts of your favorite studio
or living room (if that's where you practice). I will be offering
active, vinyasa & restorative classes, as well as my parent child
class that is so popular. I am so excited for this project and plan to
launch it at the end of august. I am open to the bus servicing
anywhere between new haven ct & cambridge, ma. And look forward to
watching this project unfold. If you know of any schools, programs,
businesses, people, children, you name it- that may be interested in
setting up an appointment with the yoga school bus, by all means feel
free to get in touch.

Until the website launches we will be working from and Oh yeah, and feel
free to friend the Yoga School Bus on facebook if the mood strikes you

Tracee Dolan is available for private and group instruction. She is a
200 hour RYT. Feel free to contact her with any questions or
appointment concerns.

Tracee Dolan

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