Thursday, August 25, 2011

Guest Blogger Thursday: Sami's Priti, non-toxic nails

I know I'm usually DIY Girl, but I bought a few nail polishes from Priti NYC, blogged about them for Poor & Pretty, and realized these polishes are deserving of a much larger audience: you!

Priti NYC's polishes are considered "3 free," meaning they do not contain toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DHB) or formaldehyde — all known carcinogenic ingredients found in many nail polishes. They also don't smell as strongly as most nail varnish, are fast drying, and pretty chip-resistant, too — they even lasted through washing dishes!

I love the color selection, so it was really hard to choose just a few, but in the end I bought (from left to right above) Blue Wedgewood, Silver Flare Peony, and Gatsby Dahlia, plus a 4oz bottle of Priti's Soy Polish Remover, which is equally incredible and smells amazing. (I never thought I'd say that about nail polish remover...)

You only need to use a tiny bit of the Soy Polish Remover to clean nails completely or do touch-ups. The image above shows how I only used one side of a cotton swab (dipped once!) to touch up my Silver Flare Peony nails. I used the same amount of polish remover for my Blue Wedgewood toes, too:

Not only are the polishes and the polish remover great, but the company — and it's founder, Kim D’Amato — has some fantastic morals, too. Priti NYC is certified Vegan and Cruelty Free by, PETA, and, which makes me (and animals) happy.

xoxo, Sami

~Sami Jensen is the writer of the culture blog, Poor & Pretty. She also makes cupcake soaps and bath bombs, which can be purchased online at the Poor & Pretty Bath Sweets Shoppe.

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