Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guest Blogger Thursday: Tracee Dolan & Feeling Good

Yesterday I was playing around on netflix and discovered that the movie "The Secret" is on instant download. That's right- now- fun- instant gratification movie viewing! 

I casually listened to it in the back ground while I worked and it was mighty inspiring! 
Have you ever seen "The Secret"?  have you read the book? Perhaps you have heard people's opinions on the film/book/subject & already discounted it as new age drivel? How about you go out there & decide for yourself :) 

I've seen this movie several times but was still inspired by it yesterday- a few years later! 

So, what else inspires you? gets you on track- revisit those books, films, walks, people, even pets. Surround yourself with beautiful things & marvel them. 

Remember that all you have to do right now in this moment is feel good. Worrying about the future or brooding over the past will do you no good. Take a breath in- let tension leave with the exhale- feel good in this moment, softly allow the muscles of your face to smile and enjoy today (if feeling good seems to much of a leap, start with feeling better, you'll be feeling great before you know it! :)

Tracee Dolan is the author of Parent Child Yoga, she also leads private & group yoga instruction for people of all ages. Please feel free to contact Tracee with any meditation or yoga

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