Monday, January 4, 2010

Must Have Monday: Fancy Feet!

I think these boots are one of the best inventions ever! One snowy, winter day, three sisters in New Jersey went out to enjoy an afternoon of beauty! As they waited and waited for their toes to dry, they got thinking about how pedicures in the winter really stink because you have to wait so long for the polish to dry and even then, it almost always smudges once you put them back in your snow boots. They realized, you can't wear flip flops on an icy cold day in January, you would freeze your bootie off! And, so, Bootie Pies were born at last! I first discovered these boots several years ago when Trish McEvoy ( my old boss) gave them to me as a holiday gift! They are comfortable, warm, the perfect solution to winter pedicures and they alway spark up a good conversation at the nail salon!

Click here, to order a pair of Bootie Pies!


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