Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guest Blogger: CJSTYLES on yoga style

With a devoted yogi as a mother, I am blessed to be able to borrow her fabulous selection of yoga wear. From Beyond Yoga to Lululemon, I have the pick of the draw when it comes to the best of the best of yoga clothing. There is absolutely no reason one should throw on their 'hang around the house' sweats and a frumpy t-shirt to attend their weekly yoga class. There are so many different options for looking fabulous on the mat. Wearing color when exercising definitely get's ones energy flowing. You instantly feel brighter inside and out. Get seamless lines and feel tall and thin with some good quality pieces. Fit is KEY. Take a look at some great options below and say 'om' with STYLE!


(my personal fav)

I swear by these. They feel like your own skin.
Every woman must own a pair of the 'wunder unders'

Beyond Yoga is another pick of mine. Their pieces are softer than you can imagine. Not that sticky work out material. Soft as can be with amazing movement!

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