Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beauty TREND Tuesday: Spring Trend Alert

With Fashion week officially kicked off in NYC, I am so inspired by all of the new beauty trends for Spring 2010!  Here's a look at what's hot for the upcoming season:

Digits: The latest OPI collection says it all:  Russian Navy, Lincoln Park After Dark ( my longtime standby), You don't know Jacques, Alpine Snow ( great on the toes!), La Paz-tivitely  Hot, and Gargantuan Green Grape ( can't wait to try it!).

Makeup:  Color is back baby!  I'm so excited about this trend.  Finally, we don't have to be afraid to use a little color.  Pastel eyes are going to be all the rave and bright red lips are sticking around a little longer, just remember to stay matte.  Glossy is taking a back seat!  Color of the season: Peach.

Hair: Deshevelled Chic is the look.  We'll see a lot of "bed-head" styles.  Stock up on plenty of hairspray, there will be lots of teasing and volume, think Brigette Bardot.   Big and messy it is. Thank goodness, we don't have to try so hard.  My favorite style for Spring is the oversized, side braid.

Fashion: My good friend Chelsea of CJSTYLES was lucky enough to go to Fashion Week in NYC this past week.  I can't wait to get the scoop from her on what's hot for 2010!   Stay tuned for some spring "fashion" trends.....



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  2. I am LOVING the messy side swept braid. Now if only my hair will grow that long in time for summer! :)

  3. You're almost there Sarah! I bet by summer you call do this do! ;-)

    Thanks to "anonymous" for the above comments!! I'll check out the site you passed along!