Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beauty Tip Tuesday: Sun Protection 101

I hope everyone had a fun memorial day weekend!  With the official start to summer underway, I wanted to share a few tips for sun protection:

We are all trained to look at the SPF ( sun protection factor) on our sun protection products!  This rating protects you from UVB's ( burning rays) which causes sunburn and sometimes skin cancer.  Did you know, the UVB protection you apply in the morning is signficanly less effective by lunch time?!

TIP: DO reapply your SPF lotion or carry a mineral powder foundation with SPF for touch ups throughout the day.  {Myth: The higher the number the better the protection.  SPF 15 offers about 94 % percent protection while SPF 30 offers 96 %}.

Don't forget to look for UVA protection.  UVA rays are the ones that cut through clouds and glass windows in your car.  They can penetrate deeper into your skin and cause the most damage.

TIP: READ the label!  Look for avobenzone ( a chemical sunscreen that absorbs UVA) or a mineral-based block like zinc oxide, which repels UVA rays off your skin.

* If you're in doubt, just look for the Skin Cancer Foundation's new seal of approval.  This label is verification that the product meets the standards for proper UVB and UVA protection.


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