Thursday, May 12, 2011

Guest Blogger Thursday: Tracee Dolan~ Spring Bodhi Cleanse

Bodhi -  to awaken, become aware, notice, know or understand

I just completed a 5 day spring cleanse with Kai Hersher of Nourishing Habits.  I learned so much. I have done cleanses before but never like this. . Kai Hersher is so knowledgeable and I am so thankful for her presence and business in my life. Each night we would pick up our bag of water, tea, smoothies & soup for the next day. Kai was always on hand for questions and tips. She is a health educator, yoga teacher and masseur. She gave us tips on skin brushing, a great practice for all to try. Dry brushing your skin with a loofah glove or an actual brush to stimulate the lymphatic system & makes your skin super soft. A sample day would consist of a morning berry based smoothie, a green lemonade with kale, sprouts & other high energy high enzyme foods, an apple cleanser drink, the most delicious soups I have ever, ever tasted, an avocado or protein based late afternoon smoothie, & a treat of some sort, peppermint water, tea, even an amazing chia pudding. 

I had a rough time at it, cleansing at the peak of my allergy season- no more allegra D, no coffee, no alleve or ibuprofrin...There were times where it was rough!!
The most amazing part of this cleanse, besides the amazing food & Kai's thorough knowledge of it, was the realization I had of how much time I spend thinking about food! I had all of this time to think about other things. There is so much time and concern placed towards "what am I going to eat?", "how am I going to make it?", It was such a foreign concept to not have to worry about any of it. 
 And the best part? everyone kept commenting on the glow of my skin & the glimmer in my eyes. 

I felt great, It was nice to have the food all set up and to know that it was the best high enzyme, healthy, colorful options of nourishment possible. 

I highly recommend a cleanse with Kai & I recommend that you check out her site and services. 

Tracee Dolan

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