Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beauty Tip Tuesday: Is it time to toss?

I always get asked the question, "how long should I keep my makeup?"  Here's the dilly my friends:

Toss any foundation or liquid products that have been sitting around for over a year.  Formulas can degrade and not only that, they can harbor bacteria.  Chances are if you haven't used it on over a year, it probably wasn't working for you anyway.

Mascara has about a 3 month shelf life and you don't want to mess with any products that you use on or around your eyes.  Sorry, I'm just reporting the honest facts here.  It's the one cosmetic product you should replenish most frequently.

Powder formulas, like shadows and blushes can last a little longer than other products, but if you notice a greasy film on the top layer, most likely it's time to toss it!!


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