Friday, October 8, 2010

feature friday by Nedelyn Perry

This summer I had the pleasure of doing makeup for Michelle one of my lovely June brides.
Michelle asked me to create a natural look with just a pop of color!
Here is a step by step of how to achieve this look:

foundation: I used a mineral sheer tint in Porcelain and mixed it with a medium highlighter. Mixing these two products together gave her skin a light coverage with a soft glow.
concealer: using a small concealer brush I applied a light/medium color underneath the eyes and the area above her lips to accentuate her cupids bow.

eyebrows: using a brow brush I filled in Michelle's brows with an eyeshadow called "twig".
brow bone highlighter: Canary Diamond eye shadow.
eyelid: "dusk" eye shadow mixed with a bit of "sunstone" shadow all over the lid, then blending in an upward motion.
eyeliner: "black amethyst" eye shadow (eye shadow can be used as an eyeliner by simply dipping a liner brush in a little water and moistening the shadow).
lashes: black waterproof mascara
cheeks: I used a pinky color called "flirt" to give her a natural blushing look.
powder: I dusted a bit of mineral powder in "cream" on her forehead, nose and chin.

lip pencil: i filled in her lips with a natural lip liner called "buff".
lipstick: micro kiss bubble lipstick
and last but not least lip gloss in "Super Sweet".

*the makeup I used on Michelle is from a wonderful mineral makeup line created by Jennie Fresa and can be purchased exclusively at the Jennie Fresa Beauty Library in Clinton, CT.

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Have a great weekend:)


  1. Beautifully done, Ned! She's gorgeous!

  2. beautiful makeup with beautiful products! Thanks for sharing how you achieved the look! great job, ned!