Thursday, October 7, 2010

Guest Blogger Thursday: Yoga Retreat in Panama! with Tracee Dolan


Hi Everyone!

     I am so pleased to announce that I will be leading a yoga retreat in Paradise this Jan 17th-23rd at Pacific Bay Resort in Panama. We will practice yoga, take time for snorkeling excursions & allow plenty of beach time! For more info please check out the website and click on details (click here)  for pricing and a more concise itinerary! 

Would love to see you there! 

To view the map, find David and the Gulf of Chiriqui is close to where Punta Bejuco is!  The Resort is 140 acres & only 7 acres are used.  Pacific Bay Resort is on the tip of the Punta Bejuco peninsula (translates to Port of the Vines) this place is amazing!! It's about 70 km from Costa Rica.

A great treat for yourself and kick off for the new year! See you there :)

tracee teaches yoga is available for private and group instruction please contact with any questions.


  1. UM Jennie we should totally do this!!
    Sounds dreamy!

  2. Hum?! I know Sarah! I have been seriously thinking about going!!!