Friday, January 14, 2011

Feature Friday!

Checking the mail here at the Beauty Library can be so much fun!  Whether it's a thoughtful, hand written thank-you note from one of our brides, a signed contract from a client or a CD of images from a photo shoot we worked on, it's always exciting to see what's waiting in our little black mailbox!

Recently, I was delighted to find a present so delicately wrapped in baby blue tissue paper and tucked inside a chocolate brown box!  So pretty, I almost didn't want to open it!  I knew this packaging, I had seen it before and I knew there was something reeeeeally good inside!

As I ripped through the tissue paper at lightning speed, I gasped with excitement with what I found!  It was stack of postcards with a picture of our stunning bride ( Kerry Moyer) printed on the most perfect, pearly paper!  And, It gets even better, the cards are printed in turquoise with our JFBL logo on the front and back!  Yay!!

Thank you Justin and Mary Marantz  for sending such a special and thoughtful gift our way!  We can't wait to start sending these out!

Makeup by Jennie
Hair by Kelly & Ned!


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