Monday, January 3, 2011

Must Have Monday: A Bouncy Blow-out

My dream hair is that of Annette Funcillo.  I crave, BIG, voluminous hair!  It's sexy!! More women should put down the flat iron and invest in velcro rollers!!  Maybe it's my recent obsession with the Kardashians--these girls always have the perfect blow out, don't they!?  I'm tellin ya, it's the rollers (okay, and having a glam-squad by their side 24/7 helps too!)!!
I suggest Super-Size Plus 3" Rollers to add height and the perfect amount of bounce.  You don't have to leave them in for very long, while you put your makeup on is usually enough time.  Be sure to prep damp hair with a setting lotion first!   You can find them at another on of my favorite beauty sites { attention hair stylists!!}!


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