Thursday, January 6, 2011

Guest Blogger :Tracee Dolan, of Tracee teaches yoga: An Exercise in Gratitude (without even breaking a sweat)

Happy New Year Beauties,

It's 2011 and we are all a buzz with a new year of possibility & change! So, before you decide to harp on the hole in your bank account- from all of that holiday spending!  Take a moment to thank the people in your life that made your holiday & 2010 memorable. Here's what you do:
  • Make a mental note of the generous people in your life this holiday. Was it a gift? A meal? A really great party? A heartfelt conversation?
  • Did someone demonstrate a special type of kindness or thoughtfulness to you during 2010? 
  • Write down the people who you'd like to thank. 
     Now, it's time to make it fun. Find some fancy paper, envelopes, card stock, whatever strikes your fancy. I went to 2 Elms in Madison center. Everything in the store was 20% off so it was a deal. I grabbed a pretty marker, some rounded edge one sided recycled card stock, and ofcourse!  purple envelopes :)

   I sat down, had some tea and really reflected on the feeling of gratitude that these special people in my life evoked. I remember as a kid I was always forced to write thank you cards- and up until my later teens, I didn't really get it.  We all know that giving is a truly gift, but being thankful & taking a moment to thank is a pretty awesome activity & sensation. Treat it like an active meditation. Gratitude is the highest vibration, and it can only attract more things to me thankful for. Take a deep breath & reflect. We are so lucky!

Here's to much more to be thankful for this 2011!

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