Thursday, October 27, 2011

Guest Blogger Thursday: Sami's Sweet & Spicy Strawberry Mask

I know, this mask doesn’t look all that appetizing, but that’s why it’s for your face and not your tummy! :) It’s very easy to make and full of nutrients, exfoliants, and acne-zapping ingredients that your skin will love.

4 strawberries (fresh or frozen)
1 tbs oats/plain oatmeal
1tsp honey
1 green tea bag
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon

a small, airtight plastic or glass container
fork or spoon

  1. Grind up the strawberries in either a blender or food chopper (be sure to remove the green leafy stems if you’re using fresh strawberries). Put the pureed strawberries into the container.
  2. Cut open the green tea bag, pour the tea leaves into the container with the strawberries.
  3. Combine the rest of the ingredients together in your container.
  4. Wash your face with your favorite face wash.
  5. Apply the mask in gentle, circular, upward movements. This mask also functions as an exfoliating scrub, so I recommend massaging the mask onto your face for about two minutes.
  6. Let the mask sit for 15-20 minutes, then rise off with cool water.
This mask can be stored for three days in a refrigerator.

About the ingredients:
_Strawberries exfoliate, brighten the complexion, and contain salicylic acid, which combats acne by shedding dead skin cells, opening your pores, and preventing them from being clogged. Read more about the health benefits of strawberries here.
_Oats/oatmeal gently exfoliate and buff the skin.
_Honey has healing, soothing, and antibacterial properties.
_Green tea is high in antioxidants and works as a great skin toner in liquid form or exfoliant in leaf/powder form. Read more about the health benefits of green tea here.
_Cinnamon functions as a great exfoliant in this mask, but also increases blood flow to any blemishes and provides antibacterial phytochemicals to treat inflammation of the skin.

xoxo, Sami

~Sami Jensen is the writer of the culture blog, Poor & Pretty. She also makes cupcake soaps and bath bombs, which can be purchased online at the Poor & Pretty Bath Sweets Shoppe.

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