Wednesday, October 12, 2011

JFBL Is Getting A Make Over!

This month marks 5 years since I first launched my business. We have so much to celebrate! Over the years, we have successfully grown our business from an on-line presence only to opening our boutique in Clinton, CT to now serving over 100 brides per season. I have met so many wonderful people along the way. Clients and industry professionals alike, I consider so many good friends now. It's one of the best parts of my job.  

It hasn't always been easy. I have had my fair share of growing pains like any other thriving business. There have been many tough decisions to make and difficult circumstances to deal with, all of which made me stronger so I am grateful for even those challenges. I have learned the importance of finding balance in work and life and how to focus on positive energy. To do this, I had to take a cold hard look at what was working and what wasn't working.Yes, face the mirror and make some changes with myself first.  

Now that we have "trimmed the fat", we are ready to move forward. For the last several months we have been working diligently on a plan that will take our business to the next level of success. With our established bridal beauty business running like a well-oiled machine, I felt it was time for women to know about our other areas of specialized service. As a facialist and makeup artist, it has always been my intention to create a place dedicated to helping women put their best "face" forward. For us, it's more than just makeup--we treat skin, style brows and design custom makeup looks--using healthy, quality products!

You may have noticed our website is temporarily down while we get our make over. In a few weeks, our boutique will also close down while we give our new extended space a beauty overhaul and get it ready with our selection of fine beauty products just for you! Stay tuned for our grand re-opening this November! In the mean time, keep following us on our blog, face book fan page and twitter!

We are super excited for what's to come!



  1. Yay! I love what you do already so I can't wait to see the new, improved version! I'm in such need of a makeover, I can't wait to come down before the holidays if possible! :) Good luck!

  2. That's wonderful Jennie. All good stuff. Can't wait for the unveiling!