Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Secrets to a FAB blowout

1.) Start by applying an anti-frizz lotion from roots to tips. (If you don’t wash your hair everyday, then try not to apply too much product near the roots or on your scalp or else your hair will look dirty in a few days).
2.) Have a professional blow-dryer.  M baby-bliss PRO was the best investment I ever made.  Trust me, you’ll dry hair up to 60% faster.

3.) A thermal brush and a boar bristle brush are both essential in creating that smooth texture.  You want both of these brushes to be round.The size will depend on the length of your hair and how much volume you want. (i.e a large brush is great for creating maximum volume for long hair.)
5.) Part hair into 2 inch sections and use the nozzle attachment that comes with your drier.

6.) Voila, now you have the perfect blow out.

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