Sunday, December 5, 2010

Twas the Night Before the Wedding

Two years ago.........

Twas the night before the wedding, when all through Old Lyme

Excitement was stirring, for wedding bells would soon chime;

The Bee and Thistle Inn was decorated with care,

In hope that the wedding would be a great affair;

The bride was nestled all snug in her bed, while visions of her "Doog" danced in her head;

And Patty with a smile and Peg with a laugh, has just settled down for an Irish nightcap,

The proudest of parents, with love their hearts,

They fondly remembered how this love story did start.

On Christmas morning with a grudge, to Church Jennie dashed,

She sat next to Doug and knew in a flash.

She pondered the thought, was it love at first sight

It would become clear on New Year's Eve night,

When what to Jennie's wondering eyes should appear,

But Doug at her door with champagne and beer.

Though Jennie was tired and under the weather,

With Doug by her side she suddenly felt better.

She picked up the phone, her heart never the same,

And she whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;

Now Meredith!  Now Jill, Kim and Steffie!

On Tal!  On Racheal!  On Aunt Gina and Patty!

You wont believe it!  I found Mr.  Right!

Now hurry and meet him!  He's the love of my life!

Jennie was working for Trish and about to head west,

When Doug told her he loved her and hoped for the best,

While her heart said yes, and her mind said no,

She would stay in New York, and give it a go.

And then, in a twinkling, they were a couple at last,

Between Branford and the city, they were having a blast.

And before long, their relationship did grow.

So off to Branford Jennie did go.

Doug is a thoughtful young lad when it comes to his love,

For Jennie he often goes beyond and above;

About one Christmas present, he didn't utter a peep,

A little black lab, name Ellie, for the back of the jeep!

At Rockefeller Center another special surprise,

A diamond in his pocket, a twinkle in his eyes;

The crowd looked on, with Doug on bended knee,

He proposed to Jennie beneath that famous Christmas tree!

Now back to the inn, the bonfire burning bright,

They enjoyed pizza and smores on the rehearsal dinner night;

While the groom at the bar thought to himself,

This is my last night as a jolly old elf!

With a scratch of his beard and tilt of his head,

This was the moment he would most dread;

He knew in his heart it really had to go,

The beard on his face was a wedding no-no!

Morning would come, and with Nate by his side,

Doug waited anxiously to see his beautiful bride;

At last here they were, it all came down to this,

Finally saying "I do" and sealing it with a kiss;

The guests sprang to their feet, and let out a cheer,

It certainly is the most wonderful time of the year!

And we heard them exclaim to the new husband and wife,

"Congratulations to all and to Jennie and Doug a good life"!

Written lovingly by my friends-- Kim, Talene, Meredith, Jill, Steff and Racheal

image by leslie dumke 

Now, off to NYC to celebrate our 2nd anniversary!!

Back to blogging on Tuesday!  Until then........



  1. this is so adorable! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Karin Nilsson GaliziaDecember 5, 2010 at 9:20 AM

    I love this! Happy Anniversary!

  3. i loved hearing this that night! & i love reading it today. what a treasure!

  4. Jennie - this was so sweet, and such a fun read! Have fun in NYC with Doug! And happy, happy anniversary!

  5. this just gave me goosebumps! i love it.

  6. this is the SWEETEST poem - for the sweetest girl ever. Happy Anniversary! xo

  7. Happy Happy Anniversary to a beautiful family of three!!!

  8. what an adorable poem by some pretty creative friends! happy anniversary jennie and doug! have fun in the city! xo