Thursday, December 23, 2010

Your Holistic Nutrition Coach Jane says, "Go ahead, have some NOG!!"

Hello Goddesses!

Are you getting ready for your wedding? Worried about how to handle the holiday feasting? I want to help you stay sane during this time. It is so important to give yourself a break now and then, especially during the holidays. Everyone around you is eating, drinking, laughing, enjoying...and that is the key thing to remember: ENJOYING. If you get too stressed out over what and how much you are eating during this time, you will be miserable. You don’t deserve this, not as you enter the new year and as you enter into your new phase in life as a married woman.

I remember when I was prepping for my wedding....I was working out at the gym like a madwoman, counting calories, portions, and being really hard on myself for some crazy desire to be PERFECT. Well guess what? Perfection is the lowest common denominator, because it is NOT POSSIBLE. You are who you are, you work hard, you will be beautiful on your big day. Even if you allow yourself some egg nog and holiday cheer. Just as your body knows how to breathe, your body knows what to do with the food. Your body knows how to digest it. Your body knows how to get the nutrients out of it. So just breathe and relax, and ENJOY.

I am here as a living testament that it is possible to find a way to love your body no matter what size you currently are. It is possible to reach your ideal weight not with dieting, but through lifestyle changes that are easy and doable. It is possible to ENJOY your life and to ENJOY food. My general guideline with my clients is if you eat well and make the right choices 90% of the time, then the other 10% you can actually live your life. After the new year, I will be providing all of you brides-to-be with nutrition tips and resources. For now, just drink lots of water, and let yourself take pleasure in the holidays. Remember, for every diet, there is an equal or greater binge - so you are MUCH better off allowing yourself some pleasure in the holidays treats rather than depriving and finding yourself binging later. NO GUILT LADIES. You are all goddesses! Here’s to a Happy New Year and  heres to your health in 2011! I am here to support you, and would like to offer the first 25 people who email me at a FREE nutrition session. I look forward to it!

Peace & Veggies,

Jane Ashley, MA, CHHC, AADP, is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach. Her passion is to help women create balance in body, mind and spirit. She helps those who struggle with stress, lack of energy and excess weight take action to reach optimal health through good nutrition. She loves to cook, run, teach cooking classes and runs monthly women’s groups called “Feed Your Soul—for Women on the GO.” She also runs corporate wellness workshops and participates in public speaking events. Jane offers a personalized coaching program or group classes. Special rates apply for fans of Jennie Fresa :) Check out for more info!

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