Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Beauty Trend Tuesday: The Super High Bun

I'm having mixed feelings here so I want your opinion.

I'm assuming The Black Swan has inspired this new, super high version of the ballerina bun.  Usually, I'm a low-bun kinda gal but this look seems to be causing some mixed reactions among the celebrity crowd.

The top knot is bold and striking and perhaps a sexy option for going out on Valentines Day?!  Here are a few different takes:

My personal favorite option is seen here on Rachel Bilson.  I love her!   The center part is great!  I really like how the bun is sightly off-center and loose!  This is the most "wearable" version to me.

Kate Bosworth is gorgeous!  This bun is sophisticated and dressy.  I would like this for a special night out.  Note: I think she has the right idea NOT wearing earrings!!

Who is this prima ballerina?  Seriously, she's taking it too far with the tu-tu.  Honestly, I don't like this look for real life.  It's fun for a fashion show or photo shoot.  Not too many ladies can wear a bun the size of their head.

I would love to hear your thoughts!!!!



  1. the high bun is so difficult to pull off! but i do love it. it definitely has to be loose and slightly messy like the rachel bilson one, for sure!

    great post jennie!

  2. The high bun is a huge trend in New York right now, too, especially among us busy gals on the go. It's a cute, kitschy way to keep your hair up and out of your face while on the move - the key to the look, I think, is to keep it 'effortless'. If there's a hair out of place, so what? The key ideas here are quick and cute, not overdone and stiff!

    For anyone who's interested in learning this quick, simple updo, come stop by the Beauty Library - I'd be happy to pass along helpful hints and how-to's!

  3. Call me crazy, but I love that oversized messy bun on the "ballerina".....might not work for the office, but super fun for a night out. And the tutu....LOVE IT! If I could wear one to work, I totally would :)

  4. one half penny
    two half penny!