Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guest Blogger Thursday: Sami's Valentine DIY

Hello readers! If you don't remember me, I'm Sami from Poor & Pretty — a culture blog about fashion, cosmetics, local businesses, DIY & cupcakes on a budget. I also have an Etsy shop where I sell cupcake soaps (check out my special Valentine ones!). Keeping with my tradition of DIY guest articles, I've decided to cross-post something I wrote on Poor & Pretty yesterday: DIY Valentine.

My boyfriend and I don't have lots of money to spend on each other (hence the name "Poor & Pretty"), so we decided to make our own Valentine cards. I think handmade is so much more special, anyway, because it truly comes right from the heart. Here are the cards we made:

You might remember making Valentines in school or at home when you were kids (I remember that, too!), but you can still be just as crafty and make really neat cards as an adult — cardmaking is not just a children's craft! Use whatever patterned/colored paper you have lying around (I even used a paper bag!) and a few sheets of thicker cardstock. You'll also need scissors, glue sticks, a pencil (to draw your hearts) and — if you want to make inverted layers like my boyfriend did (see the card above on the left), you'll need a razor or x-acto knife and a thick sheet of cardboard or something heavy to make your cuts on so you don't scratch up your crafting surface. Check out my full tutorial here to view all the steps of Stan's inverted layered card.

The layers on my card are a bit simpler and would also make a great challenge for your kids if you have any. Using 7 different sheets of paper, I cut progressively smaller hearts and pasted them one on top of the other with a glue stick (stacking them up like pancakes) and then pasting them on folded cardstock.

If you're still thinking about what to get your sweetie or friend for Valentine's Day, check out my Sweet Heart cupcake soaps in my Etsy shop! They're adorable, with little embedded soap hearts inside of them. If you order them by 7am tomorrow, you'll received them on Valentine's Day. xoxo

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