Thursday, February 3, 2011

Panama Yoga Retreat Part II, guest blogger: Tracee Dolan of tracee teaches yoga

where we practiced each morning :)
Hi Beauties,
I have just returned from the first Pacific Bay Resort yoga retreat in Punta Bejuco, Panama and may I say it was such a great time!

The resort is unbelievable. Photos do not do this place justice! Yoga on the beach every morning, breakfast lunch & dinner served in the hill top (ocean view) restaurant.  Hammocks, kayaks, beaches for lounging reading & playing, Yoga in the late afternoon, snorkeling trips and picnics to neighboring deserted islands. It was amazing. I should've known! For, as we pulled in by boat to the resort- a happy rainbow shone over head. Too perfect!

I wanted to post today to let you know that if it was something you wanted to try & didn't- Here's great news! Pacific Bay Resort has invited me to lead this retreat twice a year! The next one being in November, after Thanksgiving. The dates are not solidified but it's early enough to play with your calendar and start dreaming- or shall I say visualizing this experience. The resort holds about 12 so, it's an intimate- or better yet, exclusive experience in paradise.

Please contact with questions.
Costs are $900 this includes everything (accommodations, meals &yoga) except for your airfare to Panama.

We plan to have a massage artist at this retreat so, life just got a whole lot better :)

traceeteaches yoga is available for private and group instruction. please contact with any questions or appointment inquiries. 

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