Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guest Blogger Thursday: Cultivate Excitement w/Tracee teaches yoga

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Cultivating Excitement is a phrase that pops into my mind lately. This winter has been a wild one! And even though I love the storms, the energy (and even the shoveling) that ensues- these recent peeks of spring that the more mild days have shown us- leave me excited for the seasonal shift that is around the corner.

 You know the feeling?
That's what people are talking about when they discuss the law of attraction and vibration. They are talking about that feeling- that buzz, the raise in your internal emotional vibration- and you are in charge of it.

I've been Cultivating Excitement. I've been allowing eagerness, willingness, hopefulness,to enter my mind. I'll actually experience the sensation- so that I may align with with and allow more of it to flow my way.

Feel like trying it?
When you go to bed tonight: run through a list in your mind of all the things you are excited about. Smile with your eyes, smile with your heart. Feel the possibility and potential-
and when you wake up? Do it all over again.

Wait and see what happens :)

Tracee Dolan is available for private and group instruction. She is the author of Parent Child Yoga an Instruction and coloring book. For more info, questions or to schedule a class please contact

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