Wednesday, February 16, 2011

what's happening wednesday: introducing~ a jennie fresa beauty social

beauty social (n):  intimate gathering of of women to celebrate life's occasions.  unlike a spa, a beauty social experience offers you entertainment, fun, and personalized beauty all in a cozy atmosphere.  women leave a jennie fresa beauty social feeling empowered and fabulous!

We are pleased to announce our very first Beauty Social on TUESDAY, MARCH 1st at 7pm.  Our guest speaker is Jane Ashley, in-house Nutrition Coach here at JFBL and founder of Beautiful Body- Beautiful Bride: Nutrition Coaching for brides-to-be.  If her name sounds familiar, it's because Jane is also a regular contributor here on our blog!

The event isn't for brides only, all women will benefit from Jane's lecture!  She will be sharing 5 Steps to breaking the sugar addiction to increase energy and lose weight!

And the fun doesn't stop there!  After the lecture, browse my signature makeup collection!  I'll be offering 10% off all makeup and all skin care purchases during the event!

To make a reservation for this event or to plan your own beauty social, please call: 860-664-3923

We look forward to see you!


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