Monday, March 28, 2011

Must Have Monday: ExfoliKate

Exfoliation is of the utmost importance during post-winter months!  Our natural cell renewal process ( along with our metabolism) slows down during the winter, leaving our skin rough and flakey.

Beauty experts everywhere say ExfoliKate is the next best thing to seeing Somerville herself in the clinic!

When I first tried this product several months ago, my skin was way too sensitive to handle the active enzymes.  Needless to say, the tube has been sitting in my medicine cabinet ever since.

With my skin feel uncomfortably tight and looking a little dull, I figured I would give it another whirl here at the change of seasons.  Talk about instant results!  Once the redness calmed down, my skin was beaming with radiance!  While writing this post, I learned that Kate offers ExfoliKate Gentle for extremely sensitive skin.  I'll be trying that one next time!



  1. you should see my skin today! it's even better the next day! wow! glowing!! =) great product but not for sensitive skin!