Friday, March 4, 2011

Feature Friday: Special Edition: Oscar Picks for Best Hair & Makeup!

And, the winner for BEST makeup goes to Jennifer Lawrence.  What I loved about her entire look was how effortless-chic she looked.  The simplicity of her sleek, red dress worked with the smoldering eye makeup and soft, tousled down-do!  Everything about Jennifer's look was perfectly balanced- a dramatic eye and nude lip, a classic, understated dress with a sparkly, jeweled bag!  LOVED!

Michelle William's makeup was stunning as well!  In fact, I give Michelle two thumbs up for hair and makeup.  (In my dreams I would wear a platinum, pixie cut and pull it off so naturally!)  The metallic, silvery-blue shadow dusted on the lower lash line MADE this 60's inspired look!  Unlike at the Globes, I think she nailed her entire look on the red carpet for Oscar!

One of the best parts about watching the Oscars was seeing Anne Hathaway make all of her wardrobe changes!  For me, her best look was upon arrival to the Red Carpet.  Dashing in like a real movie star with flawless skin and a vibrant red lip, I couldn't take my eyes off her!  She wins my vote for BEST hair!  For starters, her hair color is Ah-mazing!  The highlights are perfectly suited for her porcelain complexion!  The striking center part works for her face shape.  It's her unusual bun that really caught my attention though!  The knot holding the style together makes this "easy-do" a real show stopper!

I was also keen on the vintage-wave that Mila Kunis rocked!  I really enjoyed how this hair style fell at the nap of her neck and was sleek at the crown.  Old Hollywood glamour at it's best!  Mila took my breathe away!  She is also my pick for BEST dressed!

I would love to hear your favorites!  

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Happy Weekend!



  1. Great pics Jennie! Agreed on all. It was a tough year because there weren't many bad choices in my opinion. I also loved the little girl from True Grit...adorable! And though she got mixed reviews, I liked Reese too...I loved her hair! Then again I just plain love her so maybe that's why!

  2. I also LOVED Cate Blanchett. She has such a unique, victorian beauty about her...