Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guest Blogger Thursday: MD Aesthetics on Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal

Wedding Prep: Laser Hair & Tattoo Removal

If you are involved in planning a wedding, then you’re no stranger to checklists. The details around the personal grooming of the Bride and her wedding party are a checklist in and of itself.  As time draws closer, a myriad of appointments are scheduled in order to try on different looks that will best suit what is being worn, as well as enhance the pursuit for the perfect wedding.   

However, since many bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses tend to reveal large areas of the shoulders, arms, back and decollete, a Bride needs to address two delicate subject matters very early on in the checklist process: body hair and tattoos. This is what best friends are for?…right!

Laser technology has turned the cosmetic procedure world upside down.  The Bella Rosa Medspa in Houston, Texas, specializes in state-of-the-art laser technology treatments for a variety of skin rejuvenation procedures.  Situated within the confines of the MD Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center, founded and directly supervised by a world renowned plastic surgeon, the Bella Rosa website,  offers a wealth of information on cosmetic laser procedures.

Laser Hair Removal
An important aspect of hair removal is the fact that all facial and body hair grows in stages. This is due to a cycle of active and dormant hair follicles. When removing hair, by whatever means, you are only removing active hair follicles. The next growth contains the hair follicles that were previously lying dormant. This is why you feel that there is a never ending amount of hair that needs to be shaved, plucked, tweezed, bleached, waxed or creamed away.  Laser technology not only zaps the active follicles at their root, follow-up treatments zap the new growth of previously dormant follicles, ultimately resulting in PERMANENT hair removal!

The Soprano™ XL Laser with a built-in cooling system called DuraChill™ is the system of choice for hair removal by the very best practitioners.  The cooling system keeps the skin from overheating when a gentle beam of laser light is working its magic. This system is approved to be safe for all sections of the body including the face, underarm and bikini areas.  When it comes to laser hair removal as part of a wedding prep, the earlier it is scheduled the better in order to achieve optimal results before the big day.

Which brings us to:
Laser Tattoo Removal
{shudder}  The very name sounds painful.  But, let’s be honest.  As you stand surrounded by full length mirrors in that gleaming satin, sleeveless, plunging, absolutely perfect wedding gown—the one you have been searching for for months—what does that tattoo you got on spring break your freshman year do for the look?  What message is it sending?  I hope at least, that’s not Randy The Cozumel Guy snuggled in your cleavage, rather than Devon, your fiance.  

And, while you and Devon are standing together before the minister, surrounded by flowers and ribbons and doves on wing, speaking vows of unending devotion and fidelity, do you really want every friend, relation and business associate both of you have ever had seeing nothing but the ‘girls gone wild’ tattoo on your back?

Tattoos always seem like a great idea at the time, but depending on how life changes as time goes by, they can lose their early allure, especially if prominently placed on the upper body.  Q-switched laser technology has taken tattoo removal out of the surgical realm and into the world of non-surgical cosmetic procedures.  Q-switching lasers deliver highly concentrated and rapidly pulsating beams of light to break down the tattoo ink pigments in the outer layer of skin. The resulting ink particles are safely absorbed into the body and carried away by the lymphatic system.   The results of Q-switched laser tattoo removal range from total erasure to a significant reduction in visibility. Relatively painless, there are no known side effects.

The length and number of treatments required is dependent upon the size, location and colors of the artwork. In some cases, one treatment may be sufficient, in others, upwards of 5-10 may be required. Treatments are scheduled 6-8 weeks apart to allow the ink particles to break down.  Therefore, laser tattoo removal is a decision that needs to be made well in advance of any wedding date.

When planning that perfect wedding during your year-long engagement, the first six months seem to creep along with a chore here and a reminder there, and you begin to wonder why exactly you are waiting.  Then the six-month mark passes and that checklist begins to fill up, and at three months everything explodes and you are desperately tempted to just elope.  

But, with the right help and some expert advice, your wedding can be perfect.  Chores and decisions can be scheduled evenly to make your life easier.  While you are waiting for the craziness to begin, free yourself of that tattoo you’ve hated for years and don’t want in your wedding pictures.  At your wedding, feel free to wheel and spin as you dance the night away, knowing not the least shadow of underarm stubble can be seen.
Thanks to Jennie Fresa’s Beauty Library for allowing us to guest blog.  It’s been lots of fun, and we appreciate the opportunity to share just a little of what we know.  

We are MD Aesthetics, a Houston cosmetic surgery center and medspa.  We pride ourselves in our trained and certified medical professionals and provide the best service to be had with cutting-edge technology.  Owned and operated by the best cosmetic surgeon in Houston, Dr. Mark A. Schusterman has created the Bella Rosa Medspa to safely and effectively perform the delicate procedures so easily mangled, with a minimum amount of pain and recovery time and a maximum amount of customer satisfaction. 


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