Thursday, November 19, 2009

Guest Blogger Thursday- CJSTYLES-Over the Hill? Over the Knee!

under 40
under 40
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over 40

What a treat I have for all of my loyal readers!  Miss Chelsea Jacob Tyler has taken time out of her super busy schedule this holiday season to share some fashion advice with us!  Oh, this is cool!!  Read below for one of the best trends in fall and winter footwear! Be sure to check back next Thursday for more fashion advice from the one and only, NYC wardrobe stylist, Chelsea of CJSTYLES!

Over the hill? Over the Knee!

So many women today are STUCK in their ways! Part of my job as a stylist is so help women realize that its imperative to stay with the times. Over the Knee boots are a huge trend for late 09 and can be for women of any age-as long as they are choosing the RIGHT style of OTK boots for their age. If you are 40 and above-a black leather high heel OTK boot is not the right look for you. However, a casual worn in look flat boot in brown OR black can look great with jeans, tees, and an oversize sweater. Or a classic high riding boot. See above. Work it ladies! 

Now, if you are under 40, you have a little more room to play. Styles with a stacked heel and tighter around the calves can look amazing and can be worn from day TO night. Which we alllll love. Whatever makes our lives easier-right? Wear with leggings, tights, or skinny jeans. Since OTK boots are loud and a statement piece, be careful not to overdress. Wear a simple chunky necklace(and that’s it.) or something to play down the look if you are afraid you will be too dressy. If you WANT to be dressy-play them up. Layer, add some bangles, some loud earrings and ‘click-clack’ your way to confidence. 

Thanks Chelsea!  

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