Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Must-Have: Beauty Blender

This past weekend, I spent some time preparing for a photo shoot that I am proud to be working on later this week.  I'm so excited about this project because I am working with some of the most talented people in the wedding industry and it's taking place at one my most favorite CT locations, Island Farm.  Stay tuned for the final results.  We will be showcasing not only an amazing portfolio capturing the details of this extraordinary island but a video of all the "behind the scenes" action as well!

With the (top-secret) inspiration in mind, I hit all the beauty stores I could find to stock my kit with the most amazing colors and tools I would need to create the looks.  Along the way, I found one great tool that every woman should have!  The Beauty Blender is a must-have!  It helps create a flawless, airbrush finish to the skin.  It's different than most sponges, mostly for it's shape.  The pointy tip helps you to blend those hard to reach places like around the nose and under your eyes.  The flat end is perfect for blending the larger areas of the face.  It's easy to clean and pack away in your makeup bag!

The Beauty Blender is available at or other versions are available at


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