Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Beauty Must-Have: Dry Shampoo

This beauty product is high on my list of things that I can not live without!  The Pronto Dry Shampoo by Oscar Blandi rescues my hair each day following my weekly blow out.  It helps revive and refresh my hair!  The best part is you don't need any water!  The natural rice, oats, and tapioca starches cleanse your hair by absorbing oils and dirt.  The tea tree helps to treat hair and keep the scalp from flaking.  Just section off hair and use the tip at the top of the bottle to apply Pronto directly to your roots.  Then, massage your head and style as usual.  Your hair will have restored volume and smell fresh.

You can find this product for $19 at Ulta.


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  1. dry shampoo is the greatest invention ever. amazing.