Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trend Tuesday- Short, DARK nails ( Twilight inspired)

It's safe to say that fake nails are definitely out and we may as well let the porn stars carry on the french manicure legacy.

Short nails are modern, chic and appropriate for all ages.  DARK colors may not be for everyone but they continue to be a hot trend this fall season.  My all-time favorite is "wicked" by Essie.  It's just one of those colors that is just as fashionable now as it was then.  If you are not so bold, try my other staple color by Essie: Sugar daddy- the pale pink hue has just the right amount of color and can be worn during any season.

The current trend in nail color is grey.  To me, it's a little played out and well, sort of morbid. Does it have something to do with the Twilight Saga?  Who knows, but if it will get me a date with Edward Cullen, then I'll wear it!! 

I do really like this new blue-grey version, however.  Blackened Blue by Barielle is the perfect shade for the holiday season with just a hint of sparkle to dress up your look.  

Go ahead, get your vampire on, it's fashionable!


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