Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Beauty Tip Tuesday: The secret to finding the perfect foundation shade!

The secret to finding the PERFECT foundation shade:

In my opinion, foundation is the one area you want to try before you buy. My advice is to work with a professional makeup artist, so you can ensure the proper color match. However, I know how daunting department store shopping can be, so bring someone you trust with you or work with an artist you already have a relationship with. You want to try colors on your face, not your hands or arms. Your arms and hands are a different color than your face, so it's pointless to test it there. Visit the counter with a clean face or ask the artist working there to remove a portion of your makeup, preferably on a large area like your cheek or jaw line. After you try on the color, walk to an area where there is some natural light. If the color disappears into your skin, then you have found the perfect foundation shade!!

Application options:

1.) Fingers are a great tool, but not always with foundation. If you are trying on an oil free foundation and you apply it with your fingers, it is no longer oil-free and will not have good lasting power, as oils beak down the wear of makeup.

2.) Sponges( beauty blender is an amazing tool!) are great too! I especially like sponges for blending makeup, not for applying it. Often, the sponge will drink up most of the product, so you'll go through your foundation a lot quicker.

3.) A foundation brush ( Trish McEvoy makes the best brushes!) is newer on the makeup scene but a great investment if you wear medium to full coverage foundation and if you wear foundation everyday. The brush helps to achieve an even, flawless application.


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