Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Guest Blogger: CJSTYLES - The Sequin Clutch

GLITS and GLAM galore! The holidays are such a great time AND excuse to show a little flair. There’s no better way to do this then to carry a sequin clutch to your next holiday soiree. Pair it with something simple yet modern. When wearing an LBD you can wear any color sequin clutch for that POP. Maybe you want to channel the 80’s trend but don’t want to look like you actually stepped out of 1984? Pick a great hot pink sequin clutch and let that be the ONLY color you wear. If a red or blue dress is waiting patiently for you; opt for a gold sequin clutch for that old Hollywood feel. Pair with FUN gold earrings and basic black pumps. You cannot go wrong with black opaque’s in the winter. They are chic and do everyone’s legs justice! So ladies, glam it up this holiday season and show that YOU can rock the sequin trend-no matter what age.

1. gold clutch
2. black sequin with gold bow
3. circle sequin black clutch
4. purple sequin

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