Friday, April 23, 2010

Feature Friday: Behind the Scenes with JFBL

A few weeks ago Ned and I made up of the faces of several models who graced the runway to raise funds and awareness for Liberty Community Services as part of Project Style. The event was held at the New Haven Lawn Club.

"The idea was to use fashion as a away to engage the community about our topic- supporting the homeless" said John Bradley, executive director of Liberty.

We got involved through my friend Tracy, of Tracy B Boutique on Chapel Street in New Haven. I thought is was a great way to "give back" while doing what we love most!

The show featured emerging local designers and special guest, Kara Janx of the famed TV show Project Runway. It was such a pleasure to meet Kara, hear her inspiring story and get to do her makeup for the event.

We hope you'll enjoy a behind the scenes look at us in action! Many thanks to our new makeup intern Shelly who captured this footage and put together this fun video! We hope to bring you more videos like this one and even some makeup tutorials in the near future. Stay tuned....



  1. Jennie, I LOVE this! Great footage!!!

  2. This is so awesome!! Great work ladies! Love the video so much.

  3. Thanks so much Sarah and Lindsay!!! Shelly did SUCH a great job!! Can't wait to to do more just like this! xox