Monday, April 26, 2010

Must Have Monday: Sprout Wellness All-Over Cream

As many of you already know, I'm on a quest to find a 100% natural skin care line to carry at the Beauty Library.  The research has been a enlightening and getting to sample all of the dreamy products, well that's part of what makes my job so much fun!!  Recently an ole' pal of mine from my "Trish Days" put me in touch was a gal who cooks up delicious holistic products right in her Brooklyn kitchen!  Her name is Adina and she is the owner of SPROUT WELLNESS!!  Her products are created based on holistic principles, using ingredients that are proven to be healing, gentle, and effective for all skin types.  The products are placed in glass jars with homemade labels.  Talk about being green!

One of my favorite products that Adina makes is the All-Over Cream!  It's magic in a jar, and for only $18.  Made with wildcrafted shea butter from the fair-trade Agbanga Karite Women's Collective in Togo, your skin will feel smooth as a baby's bottom!
Here's what it does for you:

*Natural sun protection
*High in anti-oxidants
*Aids cell regeneration
*Promotes elasticity
*Treats blemishes, chapped lips, wrinkles, rashes, stretch marks and sun spots!

You HAVE to try it!!



  1. Yeah! It's good stuff and Adina is a doll!

  2. jennie, this sounds like a dream. do you use it on your face in the mornings? or is it one of those it goes everywhere anytime?

  3. anywhere--Anytime. Mostly I have been enjoying leaving it on my desk and using it as a lip balm. But the other day face face felt really dry, so I patted a little on just the dry areas and the cream just melted into my skin, leaving it soft and hydrated!! Amazing! I'll be carrying this product at the beauty library in about a month!