Friday, April 30, 2010

Feature Friday by Jennie Fresa

Meet Kerry and Andrew.  Kerry is one of our July brides.  A few weeks back, Kerry and Andrew met with photographers extraordinaire, Justin and Mary Marantz in New Haven to recreate their very first date at Pepe's Pizza on Wooster Street.  What a clever idea for an engagement photo session!  The timing was perfect too- the sun was shining and the cherry blossoms in full bloom!  I hope you'll enjoy a glimpse into true love with this happy couple!  Oh, and I did Kerry's makeup before the shoot (and yes, her skin really is that flawless, even in person!!).  We can't wait for the BIG day!



  1. Jennie....the skin was all YOU! :) Let's be honest!!! :) Seriously, work MAGIC!!!

  2. Hello!!! Seriously, YOU are gorgeous my friend!!! xoxoxo