Monday, April 12, 2010

Must Have Monday: GREEN Beauty Series #3- Organic Hand Cream

It was a perfect day to work in the garden! 

Today, I met my housemate, Sarah True and my darling, handsome, and super supportive husband at the Red House ( home of Jennie Fresa Beauty Library and True Event) to "pretty" the property and get it ready for the warmer months ahead.  We weeded, seeded, pruned, raked, mulched and planted (which if any of you know me, is a pretty big feat since I don't usually like to get my hands dirty)!  

It was yet another productive day on Wedding Row!  Finally, we are officially ready for business!  Our new sign is perfectly finished with a second coat of paint and the landscaping looks like a million dollars ( well, not quite, but definitely much better than before!)  My poor little fingers are pay for it though!  I thought I would look into an organic hand treatment to use on days I'm wearing my green thumb.  Here is what I found:

I'm a big fan of L'Occitane products.  This "gardeners" hand cream promises to nourish your digits and smooth away any calluses.  It even smells like something you would pick right from a garden-yummy!  Check it out and let me know what you think!!

Now, off to get a manicure!  Until next time.....



  1. I need to get some! I love how you incorporate beauty still into something such as gardening Jennie!

  2. who is this guy, i'll beat him!

  3. hehe, dooger! ;-)

    Thanks for your support Courtney! I love when you leave blog love!! xoxox