Friday, April 2, 2010

Feature Friday: by Lindsay Milan

This is Theresa:

She is cute as a button, and is the kind of girl that makes you feel like you've been best friends for years, even after just walking in the door. Not to mention, she is amazingly talented... but more on that later...

I recently met Theresa (and her lovely mom!) at the Beauty Library for her hair and makeup trial. With no specific looks in mind, save for a few ideas and great conversation, we got to work on creating Theresa's wedding day hairstyle.

Theresa wanted a romantic, almost whimsical 'do for her July 'garden party-esque' wedding, and this is the style that happened very organically as we gabbed away. The yellow 'orb' you see in the picture above, tucked into the bottom of her hair, is actually a flower that she'll have included in her bouquet! How cool is that? Of course, the day-of, we'll have a bunch more, placed and pinned throughout her hair...

You might also notice that gorgeous floral headband tied in the front, and perhaps you're thinking to yourself, "Where did she find that, and how can I get one?!" I know those were my thoughts when I first saw it!

Well, remember when I mentioned that Theresa is amazingly talented? She made it! Having seen her work of art in person, I have to say it was beautifully done. It was crafted with such care and attention to detail, using more flowers from her bouquet - and yes, those are real flowers in her headband!

And ladies, listen up! If you're looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind hair accessory for your wedding day, or any other special event, Theresa is a CT-based artist who can custom craft a floral headband for you! She can be reached via email at

Trust me gals, you WANT one of this delicious floral masterpieces! I'm already desperately searching my schedule for the perfect occasion to wear such a beautiful piece of art!

Theresa, I am so looking forward to working with you again on your wedding day. What a fun, gorgeous bride you will be!

That's it for now, JF beauties! Until next time...


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