Thursday, May 6, 2010

Guest Blogger Thursday: Talene Kelly: Founder of Bowery Baby

Before becoming a mother of two, I felt fashionably hip.  These days, I stick to jeans and a cozy top, as I enjoy spending more time styling my kids (or trying to anyway).  Besides, I am certain my everyday life doesn’t give way to a flexible wardrobe.  But, this Spring, there is one item I really think I can wear while toting around sandy toys, diapers and half eaten food—RUFFLES.  

I am not overly “girly”.  It’s true, buying frilly frocks is unnatural for me.  But, I do like to spice up my jeans and I am completely into the ruffled tops sprouting up all over the place this season.  They are comfortable, pretty, dress up jeans, and most importantly, hide unflattering flabby body parts.   

Ruffles can go a long way with baby girls too.  Ruffled diaper covers, a.k.a bloomers, go perfectly with a funny baby tee.  A tee from Bowery Baby, my embroidered onesie and t-shirt line, pair nicely with ruffled panties.  However, maybe ruffles are not your thing or you have a little guy.  Then I suggest matching a witty Bowery Baby onesie or tee with a pair of jeans, cords or skirt, which can give kids under two an edge and add something unique to their wardrobe.       

So I guess, as a Mom, as long as I have jeans, cute tops, and ruffles for everyone, I’m good to go.

Talene Kelly


Bowery Baby LLC

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  1. I love the ruffles too, I like the new blog!

  2. Thank for visiting Talene!!! Hope you'll come back and share more with us in the future!! xoxo