Thursday, May 20, 2010

(Beauty & Fitness) Some Like It Hot:: Guest Blogger Tracee Dolan

To heat or not to heat, that is the question.

Hot Yoga is one of my favorite styles to practice and to teach. When people hear "Hot Yoga" they tend to think of Bikram- but Bikram is not the only option. Bikram Choundry founded a style of heated yoga. The room is heated to 105 degrees and the participants practice 26 asanas (poses) two times each. In lesser words, I would describe the teaching style as scripted. There are other options if you are craving some hot yoga action! But first let me explain the benefits of a heated practice:
  • Increase in the release of toxins re: sweat detox
  • Increase muscle tone
  • Increase in flexibility and range of motion
There is also much to be said about the mental/meditative state a heated room can help to lull you into.
A hefty portion of my practice and teachings consist of a heated vinyasa (flow style, the style most closely related to a dance, each pose setting you up for the next posture). The room is heated anywhere from 80-100 degrees. The flow may change from class to class but I promise the bliss remains the same. Vinyasa is a yang (active) practice as opposed to a yin (more restorative). I recommend both.
I love love love teaching hot vinyasa classes. It is cleansing, reflective & powerful for both student and teacher. A hot yoga practice 3x a week or more will totally transform your body and nourish your heart and mind. There are moments on my yoga mat during a heated class when I am mesmerized by bliss and a deep love and appreciation for my practice, self, movement and moment.
Sound like something you would like to try? All you need is a water bottle, a towel and a yoga mat.
I teach Hot Yoga on Mondays & Fridays @ 8:30 am at Pure Studio in Branford Center or come practice with me at one of my favorite studio's Balanced Yoga in New Haven. Either option, I assure will provide a righteous hot yoga experience.

To contact Tracee for group or private yoga sessions contact or phone 617.448.5593 mention the Jennie Fresa Beauty Library for a discounted 3 class pack.

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