Monday, May 17, 2010

Must Have Monday: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

May is that in between season when the weather is just starting to get nice outside and you start dreaming about the beach even though we're not quite there yet.  Most of us feel like we need to loose five pound before we even think about putting a bathing suit on.  Who's with me?

Yesterday I unpacked my summer wardrobe and tried on a sundress.  It wasn't really the most pleasurable experience.  I stared down at my legs which looked like two milk bottles, and thought, "oh my I need some color".  Now, I'm not a big fan of overly tanned skin, but a little glow never hurt anyone, right?  At that very moment, I recalled a conversation with a friend of mine.  She told me about a product that she had been using on her legs when she didn't want to wear panty hose and how she thought this stuff was the best invention since sliced bread.  Without hesitation I was off to try Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

What a great product indeed!  It's easy to use and comes in four shades! It even covered my little spider veins.  My legs looked completely even and felt incredibly smooth.  And, I'll tell ya, I think I may have even looked a wee bit thinner after using it.  I'll be keeping a few cans of this stuff around for sure!  

Find it at CVS!


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  1. Hi Jennie! I remembered this posting this about Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs and have been wanting to try it ever since, well I just spotted it at the store so I tried it and it is AWESOME! I do a fair amount of self tanning and have wished I could find a product that was instant....this stuff is the best! Thank you!!!

    -Karin Galizia :)