Thursday, May 13, 2010

Guest Blogger Thursday: Tracee Dolan

"How we spend our days is how we spend our lives" is a favorite Annie Dillard quote of mine. This is such a great simple message to think about. Our 'civilized' minds tend to focus on the result. We push towards objectives and we decide to ignore the days that fall in between. We plan, we fuss, we skip the process. This is why I love practicing and teaching yoga. Your yoga practice is where you allow yourself to break it down even further. To the moments that comprise your days. The exact moments of breath. This little iota of feeling good.

As we inhale in our practice, in that moment.. We are that inhalation. We embody the sensations of inhaling fresh oxygen and there is nothing like it. When we exhale in our practice, at that moment... We are the exhalation. Releasing anything (and I mean anything! emotions, thoughts, whatever happened that day-even if it's just Co2 [Carbon dioxide]).

And do you know what happens? You feel good. In that moment- you are not stressing, obsessing, worrying, waiting, anticipating- curious about what the future holds. You are in the moment. You allow breath to fill your postures and allow breath to exist & exit. You are your best you. You rise to a blissful level and you remember who you really are:

You are someone who is meant to feel great. You are someone who is meant to enjoy your days: one moment at a time.

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